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A boob job or a breast augmentation procedure is a method done to make your chest look bigger and its shape look rounder by putting a thing called saline filled implant and a silicone shell under you breasts.


What could be the possible reasons as to why women would want to undergo a Breast Augmentation procedure?


Because of today's stigma on the standard of beauty, a lot of women feel the need to undergo plastic surgeries that will help them enhance their boobs to improve the totality of their looks. Some of the cases though, the breasts may not be evenly developed and would then need some procedure like a breast augmentation to solve the problem. Some women think their breasts may have shrunk in size due to post pregnancy experiences, which is why most of them feel the need to let themselves undergo a breast augmentation. To add more, women who have already undergone a procedure called mastectomy also prefer to have some breast augmentation done on them as well.


What could possibly be the advantages to breast augmentation?


Breast Augmentation basically makes your breasts look larger and fuller. The outcome does not necessarily have to look like they are natural breasts. The augmented breasts after surgery tend to look rounder and not saggy as compared to those that are natural and with the same sizes.


How old can a woman be to have an acceptable age for breast augmentation?


Before one can be allowed to undergo breast augmentation, she must reach at least the age of eighteen.


How much dollars will be out and about from your pockets?


The payment and cost for the overall procedure may depend and rely on a number of factors to be considered. Some factors include the location as to where the surgery or the method is to be performed, the fees the plastic surgeon will have to be payed, and the anesthesiologist that will handle you as well as his style and the kind of implants that will be put on your breasts.


Will breast augmentation cause so much pain for a woman?


The paint after the surgery will solely depend on an individual's ability to withstand it. After the processes have been done, a lot of women usually feel like they need some rest or are sometimes sore for about a couple of days. In most cases, women heal and relieve from the pain of the procedure for after three to four days without that much pain to bear.


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